A collection of 1050 NFTs which guarantee royalties from virtual Real Estate investments, projects, and developments.


MetaEstates works as an REIT in the real world, where the NFT serves as a slice of our portfolio. We will be buying, minting, developing projects, buildings, and renting land/office space to virtual tenants. 90% of the income is paid back to our NFT holders. 90% of secondary market sales are reinvested into our portfolio.

We want to offer our holders a chance to earn passive income, therefore we are limiting our project to only a small number of people. That way, the less the people, the better, as more profits will end up in the pockets of our holders.

As we look into the future of the Metaverse, we envision a virtual world where us, as landowners, are able to generate millions of dollars through virtual real estate. Whether we build commercial spaces, stores, office buildings, or just houses, there will always be money coming in.

Types of income generating projects we will be developing include: metaverse casinos, commercial spaces for virtual shops, land renting, event and concert hosting, office building leasing, etc.





VP of Acquisition and Project Development, Finance graduate, luxury real estate agent, and software start-up founder.



VP of Operations, Computer Science PHD, and software start-up co-founder.


Lead artist

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Alex Singleton


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Created by real world Real Estate and Software professionals, we acknowledge the potential of the metaverse ecosystem and the potential profit opportunities. We are launching a complex project to benefit our holders and create the biggest portfolio of digital Real Estate in the metaverse.

Our collection consists of 1050 unique NFTs, divided into 5 styles of buildings, each with their own different traits.

Each wallet address is allowed to mint 2 NFTs.

Due to the nature and professionalism aspects of our project, the price to mint an NFT is 1 ETH.

We will be holding a public sale at the end of February.

Our NFTs are stored in the Ethereum Blockchain as ERC-721 tokens.